The Story of DASS

Downtown Arts + Science Salon (DASS)

We are a combination of open university and a local social club, a place to exchange ideas on scientific innovations, technological trends, books, art, and society. And learn the tango or fencing.

And now we have gone virtual! 

DASS started 6 years ago at an art gallery. When the building was sold, our business model changed for the better. Downtown Miami became our campus. SALONS take place at downtown iconic venues. A recent salon,  TANGO, for example, took place at the historic Olympia Theater 's stage. 

DASS was founded in 2014 by novelist and journalist Raul Guerrero and Marc Schmidt, a cardiologist and award-winning photographer.  Raul Guerrero is the author of many fiction and nonfiction books, more recently CURIOSITIES, a collection of biographic essays on language, culture, and sex. Marc Schmidt's photography wone first prize at the Miami History Museum's Street Photography Festival. More recently he was the official photographer for the acclaimed movie The Florida Project, for which its protagonist Willem Dafoe was nominated for the Oscar.    

Raul Guerrero, Academic Curator
Aurea Veras, Managing Director

Salons evolved in Paris and other cities in Europe and America as an alternative to universities and rigorous scientific academies. The likes of Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were regulars at Salons and firm believers that knowledge and pleasure (food, wine and a little flirting—derived from the French word for throwing flowers—were not incompatible, on the contrary, they complemented one another.

Consequently, the Miami New Times had to say about DASS: "The best place in Miami to met intelligent women." 

If you wish to become a DASS member, please follow this link.

Literary Salon with Jazz


A Media Salon featuring the Miami Herald, Miami New Times, the New Tropic and NBC/Telemundo.